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Emergency Response Support System



     Emergency Response Support System (ERSS-112) is an MHA initiated project inaugurated on 31.10.2019. The system provides centralized call reception in case of all the emergency situations by dialing ‘112’ Emergency Contact Number. Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) -112 is a Government of India initiative with an objective to provide a pan India single emergency helpline number 112 integrating all emergency services such as Police (100), Fire (101), Ambulance (102/108) and others. People in distress can raise request by voice call, SMS, e-mail, panic SOS request, web request and 112 India Mobile App which is situated at the office of Additional Director General of Police CL&M, M.G. Road, Bengaluru.

 One India, One emergency number 112 an initiative of Govt. of India

  • To provide better and faster response to citizens during the golden hours of extreme dangerous conditions

  • Allows a person in distress to reach the Emergency Response Centre in many ways (Call, SMS, Email etc.)

  • Developed indigenously by C-DAC as per the guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Govt. of India


  • Voice call - dial 112

  • SMS - message 112

  • E-mail -

  • Web portal - post

  • Panic alert - Trigger 112 india app


  • Police

  • Health

  • Fire


  • Integrate police -100, fire-101, health-108, pink-1515

  • Phase-out all other emergency number in the country

  • Better utilization of emergency response units


  • Automated location identification of the caller

  • Faster dispatch to multiple services

  • Identification of nearby vehicles ERSS BUILDING BLOCKS

  • PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point)

  • DCC (District Co-Ordination Centre)

  • MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) CALLER/ VICTIM/ SOS/ E-MAIL/ SMS SMS

❖ PSAP DCC ERU/MDT Public safety answering point (PSAP) is centralized call receiving centre which receive all the distress signals raised by people in distress across the state. The call takers collect the details of distress condition and need of emergency service. The dispatchers of PSAP dispatch the event to the concern DCC which is situated at districts. Once DCC will receives the message from PSAP then DCC will assign the complaint to Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) nearest to the distress location and ensure the intension of necessary service. Supervisor will monitor the action taken and close if it’s found satisfactory.

   In Ramanagara there is a District Coordination Centers (DCC) situated at Police Control Room, each DCC is equipped with 3 CAD Consoles. Now 13 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV)/ Emergency Response Units (ERU) fitted with Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) are allotted to Ramanagara district for responding to the emergency situations.

   Emergency Response Vehicle is the first responder which reaches the distress location and extends the necessary emergency service in time. ERSS is a well-defined structure where the automated process will record all the details including voice and multimedia related to each event, this reduces the burden on Police stations where the records are maintained manually. Also saves time and energy of the officers and staff of Police stations as the responders in ERV will handle the case and handover to the Police stations if found necessary.

   After that the MDT vehicle in charge are closed the case/event, the DCC push the closed event with all necessary action to PSAP. The feedback will be taken from caller / victim. And also, the feedback of called/victim have been kept as a record in PSAP/DCC.






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